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To My British Brother And Sister Deviants........
Really consider what I have written and start thinking about it. I ask this of you.

EDIT: It would seem that the mature content system of dA is not working at the moment, as I placed this under a "strict" mature content rating, as well as intending to have it viewed only by fellow deviants. But it hasn't worked. It was not my intention to post this out in the open, so I apologize in advance for this error.
Tactical Marine, XV Legion Astartes
Now I'm really proud of this one. One of the finest drawings I've done so far. A proud son of Magnus, a mighty Thousand Son of the Fifteenth Legion. Enjoy.
Sergeant, 7th Company, Sons of Orar Chapter
Another proud depiction of a scion of the Sons of Orar, proud descendants of the Thirteenth Legion of old. This isn't a redo of my previous Son of Orar drawing, it's entirely new. Enjoy.
Kalus Ekaddon, Captain, Catulan Reaver Squad
The captain of Catulan Squad, foremost among the elite reaver assault units of the XVI Legion, the Luna Wolves. If you look closely, you'll notice a little reference to Sailor Moon somewhere about his person. Just wanted to add a little of that old crossover I did with SM and 40k, and which I still do. Enjoy.
Assault Marine, Catulan Reaver Squad, XVI Legion
A redo of this old drawing, <da:thumb id="396187995"> better done and more realistic in shape and form. Quite an improvement over the original, methinks. Enjoy.


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Michael Flores
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm very artistic, caring, and spiritual. I especially enjoy science fiction and, believe it or not, I do believe Atlantis was real. But I do believe in a balance between the real and fantasy worlds. I don't believe we should be addicted to anything (except art) Besides loving Sailor Moon and Warhammer 40,000 (specifically the Space Marines), I enjoy Star Wars, House, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and many other cool genres of film. I also enjoy all kinds of music that take my fancy. I don't listen to heavy metal or death metal or rap. I consider them too primal (no offense to my viewers) I practice yoga and Buddhist meditation and I read much about mythology, conspiracy theory, and Atlantis. I love the mysteries of Atlantis. Could it have been real?

Current Residence: Terra, the holy realm of the Imperium
Favourite genre of music: New Age and trailer music
Favourite style of art: professional art
MP3 player of choice: iPod shuffle
Wallpaper of choice: Space Marines and Sailor Moon
Personal Quote: Do not worry about the past or future. Remain in the present, in the here and now, and you will live
My fellow deviants and watchers, a lot has happened ever since 2016. We've seen almost two years of news, events, madness, insanities, and other such moments that make us lose a little more faith in humanity every day, but also other things that raise our spirits a little. However, in this journal, I am here to talk about the negative things that occur in global and societal life. I wish to be clear, though: I will not be talking about actual events that occurred, like the Florida shooting, in the way they are presented in the media. I will be talking about events viewed with an alternative perspective (i.e. false flag), or of rumors and conspiracies. I would like your opinion on each of these issues, and most importantly, a "yes" or "no" answer indicative of whether you believe it's true or at least a possibility or if it's pure BS and totally untrue. This isn't to separate the believers from the naysayers, nor is this meant to insult or otherwise disturb real-life views as well as your personal beliefs. This will be done as a list with brief explanation for each topic. Most will be uncomfortable to consider, while others are more fantastical or inquisitive. Here goes.

1. The Deep Web: Basically, it's an Internet within the Internet, a very anonymous and mysterious part of the Web where only those who wish stay hidden or those who are criminals or otherwise engaged in wrongful practices and businesses (arms trafficking, drug trafficking, cannibalism, etc.) mainly populate. Do you believe the Deep Web is real or is actually precisely the way that I just described to you? Yes or no?

2. 9/11: a truly sad moment in our time. Everyone knows the official report that it was terrorists who crashed planes into the Twin Towers, causing them to collapse, but other alternative viewpoints suggest that this whole event was staged by our own government to make an excuse for going to war against Iraq for reasons beyond that of annihilating Al-Qaeda, bin Laden, and Hussein. Do you believe 9/11 was a staged event? A false flag? Yes or no?

3. Ancient astronaut theory: brought into the mainstream primarily by the show Ancient Aliens, this theory suggests that UFOs and alien visitations aren't a recent phenomenon but have happened in the ancient past. Basically, aliens came to our planet in the past for various reasons (mining gold, colonization, genetically engineering human beings as we know them today) and are now immortalized in our history books as the gods and deities of ancient myth and religion (Zeus was an alien, created Greece and Ancient Greek society, for example). Do you think the ancient astronaut is at least a possibility or is true in a sense? Yes or no?

4. Elon Musk secretly providing technological expertise and equipment to the North Korean regime: this is a recent topic, but all I know about this are pure rumors and claims, and there isn't a lot of this on the Web. However, due to my personal belief that governments and corporations do things in secret to the detriment of the common citizen, I kind of believe that it's a possibility that maybe Elon Musk or someone in his company is providing some tech to the North Koreans. Do you think it's possible? Yes or no?

5. Vega Ring: in my searches, it mostly showed articles about some flashy jewelry- rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. But the Vega Ring that I speak of is much darker and almost impossible to find on any search engine because it's so secret. However, believe or not, you can find a fictional example of this in an episode of Justice League Unlimited where mind-controlled superheroines (including Wonder Woman) participate in fight rings where thousands view and place bets on who will win. DC fans and watchers in general may have thought that the inspiration behind this episode is purely original, but it does have some reality in truth, for Vega Ring, according to some of the videos on Youtube that I've watched, is real and worse than WWE or masked wrestling. For in Vega Ring, two fighters go in, but only one comes out, because it's required for the winner to kill the loser. Yes, you heard me. Vega Ring are literal death matches, hidden from prying eyes but there anyways. What do you think? Do you believe Vega Ring is real? Yes or no?

6. Project Thor: you will find an actual representation of this in either the video games EndWar and Call of Duty: Ghosts or in the B-movie GIJOE:Retaliation. They are called the Kinetic Strike, ODIN/LOKI, and Project Zeus respectively. What are they? Satellite-based orbital cannons that fire tungsten rods of large size that crash onto the earth like meteors, causing great destruction equivalent or close to that of a tactical nuclear missile, but without the radioactive fallout. Literal space guns are the heart of what Project Thor was, a U.S. military project begun in the 1960s to create this type of space-based weapon. Rumors say that the technology for this weapon already exists, and that the American military already has Project Thor satellites in orbit in secret. What do you think? Do you believe this true, not true, or a possibility? Yes or no?

7. Pizzagate/Harvey Weinstein sex scandals (and others): you know them. They're perverse, foul, and disgusting to behold. Even though no solid evidence has yet been found to support such accusations or in some cases the matter is already closed due to no proof being found, do you think there's still the possibility that Pizzagate did happen (and still is in even greater secrecy) and that Harvey Weinstein actually did what he is accused of having done? Yes or no?

8. MK ULTRA and other secret experiments on normal people: MK ULTRA is perhaps the most famous, for it is the official series of experiments to develop advanced drugs, mind control techniques, and other such coercive methods using normal people like you or me as test subjects. None other than the CIA, our own U.S. clandestine agency, is responsible for this project and its results. Officially, the program is closed but rumors and theories persist that MK ULTRA still continues as an active, albeit, super-secret program within the CIA for researching new and more insane ways to mind control people. It is said that even celebrities like Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Kevin Spacey are victims of MK ULTRA experimentation, along with others. Of course, there are many other secret experiments performed by other nations on their own peoples, but MK ULTRA is the one that stands out the most. The question is this: do you think national governments have actually experimented on their own citizens for some ulterior motive? If so, do you believe that MK ULTRA existed, and if so, do you think it still exists, albeit under a different name and under much tighter secrecy? Yes or no?

9. We have had (possibly may still have) an actual Satanic high priest as a high-ranking military officer within the United States Army: I have no doubt you think that with this one, I've gone off the deep end. A Satanist within the military, and a colonel in rank? Unfortunately, it's not madness. It's truth. You may not have heard of the Temple of Set, an offshoot of the Church of Satan but one that is rumored to be the only OFFICIALLY recognized Satanist church by the U.S. government. But it has existed, and its founder, Michael Aquino, is the military Satanist that I'm referring to. He really was both the founder of the Temple and its high priest while being an active U.S. military officer at the same time, commissioned into the military's black ops and psychological warfare unit. It's rumored he's still in charge of both his church and his rank within the army. What do you think? You believe this is true or some made-up conspiracy BS? Yes or no?

10. An extinction-level super-virus that literally exists: I end this journey of negativity with something which almost no one most likely knows about. Back in 2003, scientists apparently developed an even more lethal version of the smallpox virus (unsure of this), supposedly highly lethal to mice and other kinds of animal vermin, but it is rumored that this super-virus has the actual potential to kill off an entire species, up to and including the human race, for example. Very little information exists regarding this virus, but apparently it does exist. What do you think? Could it be possible that an extinction-level super-virus could actually exist in the here and now? Yes or no?

Now, why am I bringing this up? Primarily to open your minds to the possibility of such things. Some are already actual fact and history, others are rumors, conspiracies, theories, or half-truths. However, each of these and more that you've heard are real at least in that they have been suggested or otherwise brought into the light. They also make you think, really think, about how life truly revolves in this world as nations in unity or in rivalry, and that there may even be hidden puppet masters pulling the strings. To complete this, let me add a list of some of the things you should look up and decide for yourself whether they're real or not.

The Bilderberg Group
The Bohemian Grove
The true purpose of the Federal Reserve
More hideous experiments and genocides besides those of the SS and Nazi Germany in WWII, like the Japanese Kempeitai or the Croatian Ustase (the latter is said to have had such a fierce and ruthless reputation it even made them feared by the Nazis themselves)
Was JFK's assassination a random event by a killer, or was it premediated and deliberate?
Could we already have a secret space program that includes bases on the Moon and even Mars?
Are there deliberate plans for a future World War 3 with the intention of extreme genocide?
Grisly websites that showcase horrors you couldn't even imagine, and they're hidden from the common Web?
Could some shootings be false flags to drive us further into believing we should give up rights to bear guns and other arms all for 100% safety and security, which is a complete fiction.
Lastly, is there a potential plan created by a government within the US government for the assassination of President Donald Trump if all the attempts to discredit, humiliate, or otherwise impeach him fail?

The question is, as always, what do you think? Yes or no...........or maybe?

Namaste, friends.
Honored brothers and sisters of art, fellow deviants, and my loyal watchers, greetings once more.

Forgive my long absence as well as my silence during the final days of 2017. I no doubt expect some of you were waiting for a journal where I would regale over the many events of the past year, as well as give my personal opinion on what took place in that turbulent and incredible time of 365 days. Consider the following as my evaluation...........

In all, I believe 2017 was a rough, turbulent, upsetting, remarkable, and above all, enlightening and illuminating year for us all.

Perhaps most important was the fact that 2017 was the first complete year of the Trump administration. Please, all Trump haters- do not start whining or inwardly fuming about him or his presidency, or me for that matter, as I begin to give my opinion. First off, I will not shy away from the truth that I was one of many Californians who voted for him. Yes, I did. Again, I state my previous belief that the 2016 election was a choice between the lesser of two evils. Let me be blunt: Hillary Clinton was no savior, no trustworthy candidate in even the smallest degree. In addition, I believe that even if she were elected as the first female president of the United States, she is unworthy of that honor. Truth be told, I don't even consider her a woman, but an old hag nearing the end of her years. Seeing her bumble about during her campaign, and witnessing all the videos where she suffered from health problems (the video where she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial in New York was what convinced me that she shouldn't be president) all told me that she would not be president. If she couldn't handle her own party, let alone remain healthy, how could she be trusted with leadership of an entire nation? Also, it's my belief that she was no different to all the many politicians who have led this country for decades. Politicians by their very nature are slimy, subtle, complex, and above all, schemers. Many have absolutely no interest in the common man's needs, and unfortunately, Hillary is certainly counted among that uncaring number. Once more I will restate that if she were president, Hillary would no doubt launch us straight into World War III, this time with the Russians. Nothing more but a new event in the decades-long Cold War that finally reached its zenith. Compared to North Korea, Russia is more powerful. NK is but a little fly compared to the northern titan of Asia. If we went to war with Russia under a Hillary administration, I've no doubt we would lose after a long and grueling war. It wouldn't be a one-sided battle by far; it would definitely be a long struggle that would last for years with both sides sending millions of dollars into battles and equal numbers of countrymen into the meat grinder. But if there's one thing I've learned in history, it's that Russians have never capitulated even when they lost great amounts of land, materiel, and men. In every time the Russians' homeland was invaded, they fought back hard and beat the living hell out of the invaders. Napoleon tried and failed. Hitler tried and failed. If we went there, I think we'd fail too. As for our country, we have never been invaded since the War of 1812 by a foreign enemy. Certainly many of us millennials have never experienced the horrors of war, so we cannot immediately assume that we'd win a war easy if we did have one. If anything, I hate to say that we Americans were arrogant and prideful to the point of madness before the 2016 presidential race. It would've only gotten worse under a Hillary presidency, methinks.

As for Trump, let me first begin by saying that power and wealth corrupt all people. Generals, politicians, businessmen. All of them fall prey to these two things. Trump is no exception. However, when compared to Hillary, I consider him to be a much better choice for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons was his health; compared to Hillary's numerous health failings during the presidential campaign, Trump remained at his peak throughout the entire ordeal (the recent medical physical presented to the press reveals he is in excellent health, BTW, I saw it myself). Another reason why he won was his energy and charisma. Trump definitely had ten times more energy and enthusiasm than Hillary did. Another reason was his name. When one hears of Hillary Clinton, the most one knows about her is her life, her political career, and the Clinton name emblazoned as one of the families that reached the presidency. All told, that's around two or three decades' worth of recognition. Trump's name, on the other hand, is far better known and with a longer roll of history. One example is Trump's uncle from his father's side of the family. Practically no one today has probably heard of John G. Trump. I myself didn't until recently. A graduate of MIT and Columbia University, John Trump was a crucial scientist for the United States during WWII. It is claimed he actually worked with Robert Oppenheimer, the father of nuclear weapons and one of the creators of the twin bombs "Little Man" and "Fat Boy", the first atom bombs ever made and later dropped on Japan. Just to let you know, this is unconfirmed. I only heard of it, and despite my research, have found nothing yet to support this, but I still consider it something important to put up. One thing that is confirmed about John Trump, though, is that he was one of the very few scientists given complete access to all the notes and writings of none other than Nikola Tesla, who I consider to be among the greatest scientists of our time. Many of his inventions and ideas are still on paper, having never been made, including an electrical tower network capable of generating a field of energy around the Earth that would provide free energy to everyone on the planet. If this invention was ever actually built and perfected, then none of us would be paying electrical bills today! Of course, Tesla's designs threatened the ways of banking and economy, which is why he was labeled as an outcast and totally stripped of his wealth, creations, ideas, and status by many who wished to maintain the status quo. Quick side note: Thomas Edison is known as being one of the chief architects of Tesla's downfall, robbing the Serbian genius of any credit and even stealing some of his designs for himself, and all for profit. So while Edison is a genius himself and a symbol of American ingenuity and know-how, it isn't without its share of spilled blood and lies. But I digress from the main topic. To conclude, not evaluating Trump's family tree and lineage is a fatal mistake that the Clinton campaign committed. Trump is better for the presidency, I think, because he was the only candidate who actually gave a you-know-what for the common people, even if he still has problems. In the year that has passed, I consider that Trump's positive actions outweigh the negative reactions by a wide margin. They may not bear fruits immediately, but they will in the long term. Also, he was willing to speak about things that we unwittingly considered taboo, such as immigration and the need for a wall. I think we definitely need a wall and stricter immigration control, and it's why I'm glad to have heard news of the first wall prototypes being built and evaluated near San Diego. But to summarize, to have open borders and allow massive immigration is a BAD idea. Do we really need to follow Europe's example? Look at the madness that rose because of the European countries willingness to leave their borders open; Sweden is the worst off, by far, so much that it's close to becoming a satellite Muslim state, in my opinion. I've seen enough videos of riots and rapings in the Swedish land to know that everything is going to hell over there, and it's what'll happen eventually to all the other countries who still promote open borders. France is next, coming close to Sweden's suffering. That's why leaving our borders open and allowing constant immigration is absolutely the last thing we should do. The whole Eastern Seaboard and the southern states, including my beloved California, would suffer the most if this came to be. Perhaps the most important factor of Trump's victory is twofold: first, he was not part of the political elite that rules Washington, being a complete outsider (Reagan doesn't count, as he had some political experience prior to becoming president) and so having little to no strings attached (Obama had plenty). The second part is that Trump is the first candidate to have made politics interesting and entertaining in a very long time. Before Trump, I knew nothing of politics and whenever I heard that word, my brain would immediately move on to something else. Before Trump came, one would start to think of politics as boring, pointless, and unimportant on average. Now, it's something totally different. The 2016 campaign and subsequent years are the first official time that I watched politics with considerable attention. Prior to that, it was zero, and I'm shamed to say that when I voted in the 2008 and 2012 elections, I voted for Obama without even doing one bit of research on the man and politics in general. All I did was think "Oh, it's Obama! People like him, so I will too!" and check the box next to his name without any thought. Not so with the 2016 campaign. Here I did my homework, and it was my conclusion that Trump was a better choice for president than Hillary. To finish up, I will reuse one of my previous statements: Trump is a loose cannon while Clinton is a preset nuclear bomb, and I honestly prefer a loose cannon than a nuclear bomb. Besides, if Trump does stumble and bring us to some unfortunate crisis, I do believe the consequences will be lesser than those of Hillary's if she were president.

That's enough of that, but I'm not done. 2017 was a year of madness, scandals, obfuscations, and lies. The fake news, the Weinstein and later Hollywood sex scandals, the corruption within our own politics, the Internet meme wars, the local and national scandals, all of it was a time of madness, revelations, and even amusement to some degree. If anything, Obama's legacy stretched to all corners of American high life and society, and in the end, it was shown to be a very fragile house of cards. The moment Trump entered into the presidency, the elite establishment began its war against him in haste. Impeachment declarations, health accusations, Russian collaboration, family mistakes, they threw it all on him and us. The left and liberals scrounged every nook and cranny to find any flaw, any excuse to remove this orange-haired heir of Adolf Hitler, and failed at every turn. Some congressmen promised that Trump would be out of the presidency before the end of his first year; it proved as empty as air. The media constantly bombarded us with so many reports of Trump's failings and blunders, many of which were unproven or hastily made. This establishment also performed very little damage control on themselves. Otherwise, we'd never have heard of the Clinton email scandals, the scandals and sins of Harvey Weinstein, the insanities of several celebrities like Madonna, Kathy Griffin, and Rosie O'Donnell, and more. Now we know for a fact that many of the wealthy elite, from the celebrities to the politicians, are run mad and collapsing under the weight of their own machinations. Meanwhile, the life of the common citizen has ranged from being normal to improving greatly with many of the laws and orders passed by our president, many of which support the middle-class. Only the left and the truly insane liberals think we're in the end times, but I for one think we are at a safe level of livelihood, better than that under Obama and Bush. Remember the date of Dec. 21, 2012? The one that declared the end of a millennium, and even the belief that it was the end of the world? Well, technically speaking, the world did end in a way. If anything, people have become more aware of the lies, sins, and corruptions of those who represent us in government at best, and who rule over us at worst. If there's one thing that I do believe about the 2012 conspiracy, it's that humanity is undergoing a mass awakening on a global scale. Awakening of what, you ask? Of the secret powers behind our rule, for one, and the childish insanities that are now appearing in spades all over our nation, and by extension, the world.

On a local level, I must speak of my home state of California. To begin, I love this state. I consider it one of the most beautiful of the fifty that comprise our nation. But sadly, it's riddled with so much corruption and liberalism that it's turning into a shadow of its former self. Most of the state government is run by liberals who openly defy the supreme power of Washington, and many here hate our new president with passion, sometimes having no other reason to hate him than simply for hate's sake. Also, the culture of California is transforming into something obscene. A massive fine imposed on me if I do not correctly address a person by their chosen gender? Colleges and universities going apeshit and causing the destruction which they so advocate against? Public shaming in the streets? A warping and twisting of the moral values we humans possess? (look no further than Hollywood, friends) Liberally outrageous public displays? (for example, trannies and drag queens reading children's stories to kids in libraries while looking totally ugly in their decadent regalia?) Resisting the construction of a wall we so badly need due to the corruption of our southern Mexican neighbor and inviting the illegals in, turning our state and cities into safe havens? And most recently, issuing a law that would prosecute and even arrest business owners who allow federal immigration agents to inspect their businesses to find any illegal aliens? That's very harsh and insane, because while one can defy the state, one cannot defy the federal law of this nation. Simply put, my home state is turning into something I don't recognize. It's not the worst liberal state in the Union (apparently Hawaii has that title), but it is one of the worse off. I still see and read many comments from other fellow Americans who say that California should split from the Union, or worse, that the "Big Quake" should happen and severely damage my home. I can't deny the fear I have when the San Andreas finally unleashes the "Big One", and I recently did see a video showing Nostradamus' predictions for the world in 2018. One of those said that in the "Western lands, a great shake of the earth would occur that would ruin many countries at once". Those are my words, not his, but they are true. Apparently, my fellow Californians, 2018 will possibly be the year that the "Big One" finally hits. It's why my family is already prepped for such a scenario. You should too. Last of all, and this is the most recent, is a declaration of fellow Californians from the inner counties declaring independence and split from the rest of California (yes, it's true. Look it up). In other words, it's a declaration to have two Californias, one conservative, the other liberal. I actually saw a map of the proposed division of this state if it were to happen. From San Francisco all the way down to LA, it would be liberal California, or Old California, as I like to call it, while the rest is all red and a New California (my county's included in it, YAY!) Simply put, Old California would consist of only the coastal areas while New California would encompass everything else and petition to become a 51st state of the Union (before that, no doubt it was considered that Puerto Rico would be the possible 51st state). To be honest, and to conclude, if this declaration gains serious power and steam behind it, I most likely would support it, as I'm tired of the liberal craziness that flows from the left-leaning coastal metropoli that I live just a few dozen miles away from. Yet despite all this, I am still proud to bear the title of Californian. This place is where I was born and grew up in, and it'll always have a place in my heart.

Lastly, as I am now 28 years old, I believe a time of great change has just opened up for me. I've become more assertive in my thoughts and actions, and more importantly, a lot more mature. I must admit that I was still kind of childish and immature in the majority of my twenties, but now as I near the age of 30, I can see that I've become wiser and more mature in several respects. Furthermore, I've had a moment of "What the hell have I done with my life?" I still haven't made a definitive career choice, I've run through college like a pinball machine and barely making the cut, I still struggle financially, I have a means of employment that while enjoyable, it doesn't bring much wealth, and in terms of weight, it's finally starting to catch up to me. It's why I'm glad to have begun to acknowledge all these problems and start fixing them. Currently, I'm at a snail's pace of truly improving myself, but I feel that I'm on the right path and that I deserve happiness in my life. It's only now that I've learned that if I want happiness, I must work for it and seek it out myself. No one else can do it for me. Only I can. I still have my moments of immaturity, where I inwardly bitch and moan about how hard and unfair life is, but I temper it with my newfound inner strength. May the future shine bright for me this year.

So there you have it. My short and somewhat untidy but truthful analysis of the past year, and a short prediction of how this year will turn out to be. But now let us turn to matters of art. My fellow watchers, I know I haven't been able to upload a lot these past few months. They're because of multiple reasons, but that doesn't mean I haven't gotten any artworks done. I have some ready to submit and show y'all, but this year will be different. To make up for the long gaps in between submissions, I've decided that I will only submit to dA 12 times this year. Each month, I will work on a select number of projects and complete what I can, and I'll submit everything I've made on the last day of each month. So my fellow watchers, be here on the 31st to see my newest creations. There'll be much to see.

Farewell, my fellow deviants. Consider well what I have written here and please, be courteous. There is no need for rages or rants here. Namaste.
My fellow honorable watchers and deviants, it is I once more.

I return after a long spell of departure from this holy site. I come bearing new gifts, new submissions that thou shalt see by the end of this weekend. It is good to return to this temple of art.

I hath worked long in my forges, crafting new arts that thou shalt see with increasing regularity. I have at least ten new drawings ready for submission, and another twenty in the final stages of completion, along with a nearly finished chapter of my Two Worlds Collide. Despite the remainder of my life's business, which soaks up much of my time, I will now endavor to try and submit new creations once every week or two weeks. Expect me to be here for a little time each day. I will not depart from dA anytime soon.

As stated earlier, I hath returned................

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