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Girl power through Mouse power!
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Warrior Sailor Senshi- Veteran II. by terraluna5
Warrior Sailor Senshi- Veteran II.
New lineart of Sailor Senshi for my Order of the Star Warriors. I'll color it later and add storyline and identity afterwards.

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.
The artwork is mine. Enjoy.
Warrior Sailor Senshi- Elite. by terraluna5
Warrior Sailor Senshi- Elite.
New lineart of Sailor Senshi for my Order of the Star Warriors. I'll color it later and add storyline and identity afterwards.

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.
The artwork is mine. Enjoy.
Warrior Sailor Senshi- Veteran. by terraluna5
Warrior Sailor Senshi- Veteran.
New lineart of Sailor Senshi for my Order of the Star Warriors. I'll color it later and add storyline and identity afterwards.

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.
The artwork is mine. Enjoy.
"All it takes is one mistake. One careless error. One slip-up. One single mistake at a critical moment, and everything goes to hell. You can live with minor errors occurring in small events, but the one big error made at an important moment........ah, that's the one that can ruin you."

Thought of the Day #324

"My own hands to use, not the hands of others to command."

Thought of the Day #323
This is a quote from a movie that I once saw. Can't quite remember which film, but I remember those words quite clearly. Seems relevant now to think of them.


terraluna5's Profile Picture
Michael Flores
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm very artistic, caring, and spiritual. I especially enjoy science fiction and, believe it or not, I do believe Atlantis was real. But I do believe in a balance between the real and fantasy worlds. I don't believe we should be addicted to anything (except art) Besides loving Sailor Moon and Warhammer 40,000 (specifically the Space Marines), I enjoy Star Wars, House, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and many other cool genres of film. I also enjoy all kinds of music that take my fancy. I don't listen to heavy metal or death metal or rap. I consider them too primal (no offense to my viewers) I practice yoga and Buddhist meditation and I read much about mythology, conspiracy theory, and Atlantis. I love the mysteries of Atlantis. Could it have been real?

Current Residence: Terra, the holy realm of the Imperium
Favourite genre of music: New Age and trailer music
Favourite style of art: professional art
MP3 player of choice: iPod shuffle
Wallpaper of choice: Space Marines and Sailor Moon
Personal Quote: Do not worry about the past or future. Remain in the present, in the here and now, and you will live
My fellow deviants and watchers, once more we play this game. The usual "I'm gone for a long while and then return" routine before it starts all over again. I'm not complaining, though. It's natural, given that one's life is always full of work, school, and other responsibilities that take up much of an artist's time. We all accept that in our own way.

But now to business. I have some updates; well, one rather major and important one.

By now, you'll know that I've been talking in other journals about a project that I'm working on called "Order of the Star Warriors". It's totally based off Sailor Moon and follows the same premise; female magical warriors called Sailor Senshi that protect the sanctity of life (and the Earth and Sol System, of course). At least that's the gist of it. My Order is pretty much the same idea save for several variations. Firstly, my Sailor Senshi (alternatively called Star Warriors or Sailor Warriors) are trained in military combat and tactics, wield physical weapons such as swords and firearms, and perform common duties and services for others such as humanitarian aid, relief missions, expeditionary voyages, goodwill visits, mercenary work, and even combat service in wars. Secondly, whilst the mainstream Sailor Moon genre is confined primarily to planet Earth and the Sol System, my Order takes place in a time when the entire Milky Way Galaxy is populated and civilized by the trillions. You could say that my Order of the Star Warriors is Sailor Moon mixed with Star Trek, Star Wars, and my own little backstory plus a few other genres, all combined together to form my own universe.

So on the essence of my project. The Order of the Star Warriors is going to be my own universe complete with a portfolio of Sailor Senshi artworks, individual weapons and vehicles belonging to said Senshi, several dozen short stories detailing Star Warrior events and missions, and above all, my own codex for these Sailor Senshi of mine. You already know of the latter; the latest part of my project, the codex, is now in the works.

Allow me to present the table of contents for this codex so you can better understand what I'm talking about.

Codex Senshi

I. Introduction
II. The Senshi's Oath
III. The Senshi Creed
IV. What is a Sailor Senshi?

-What is a Star Warrior?
   -A Star Warrior's Purpose and Mission
V. Recruitment
VI. Will You Serve?
-Final Warning
VII. Training
-Hand-to-hand combat training
-Melee combat training
-Firearms training
-Magical and spiritual training
-Tactical and strategic training
-Other training
VIII. What is Life?
-Your duty to serve and protect life
IX. Rules and Regulations
-The Senshi Code
-The Thirteen Tenets
-The Articles of Sanction
-Accepted Methods
-Violations and Punishments
X. Resources and Connections
-Order Resources
-Support Staff
-Vehicles and Starcraft
-Other locations
-Vassal Forces
-Outside Connections
-Joint Cooperations
-Personal Possessions
XI. Uniforms
-Base Senshi Fuku
-Our Variant
-Optional Additions and Variations
-Personal emblems, symbols, and heraldry
XII. Organization
-Special Formations
XIII. The Trials
-Trial of Battle
-Trial of Torment
-Trial of the Mind
-Trial of Self
-Trial of the Soul
-Trial of Restraint
-Trial of the Body
-Trial of Love
-Trial of Survival
-Trial of Healing
XIV. Initiation and Final Words

This is what my codex will look like, and it'll added to my current Star Warriors folder once completed. But now on to the main reason for this journal's discussion regarding my Order of Star Warriors project. It's about the codex itself. While it'll be an impressive work, no doubt, I am conflicted as to whether I should submit it to dA or not. If you see in the content list, you'll see that it includes parts that involve explaining actual fighting moves, weapon descriptions, and even teachings on military strategy. I actually read The Art of War written by Sun Tzu to get some ideas and inspiration for this codex, as well as feeling inspired by the Space Marines of Warhammer 40,000 and their own textbook called the Codex Astartes. I also did research on dA to see if anyone had posted anything real-life regarding firearms and martial arts, and I found a few things.
Free Recoil of CartridgesRecoil Statistics (from 3lb, 8" and 7lb, 16" weapon):
9x19mm Parabellum - 2.69/1.51
.40 S&W - 3.85/2.15
7.62x25mm THP - 5.69/2.83
.45 ACP - 5.28/3.01
10x25mm - 7.25/4.13
5.45x39mm - 2.71
.223 M193 - 3.52
5.56x45mm M855 NATO - 3.73
5.56mm Mk. 262 - 4.50
6x45mm-.223 - 4.91
6x42mm - 6.04
6x45mm SAW - 6.44
6.8x43mm SPC - 7.71
7.62x39mm - 7.80
6.5x38mm Grendel - 8.11
6.8x42mm Jackal - 8.58
6x48mm Optimum - 8.68
.308 Shillelagh - 10.91
7x43mm (.280) British - 10.94
7.62x51mm NATO - 16.11
Zombie Survivor's Guide 2Chapter 3: Weaponry
This chapter will be split into several parts, as to not overrun the space usually alotted.
Part I: Melee weapons.
Unless one is greatly skilled in melee combat, this section should be skipper by anyone facing Type B or Type C zombies. On fact, Type C should only be engaged this way in an absolute last-choice situation.
Melee Weapons are great tools against the zombie horde, for multiple reasons. They usually require no ammo (fuel), are usually quite durable, and easy to access. Therefore, it makes ense to carry one with you as you traverse the wasteland. There are several variations, and all have rpso and cons. Let us begin...
Blade Weapons
Blade weapons are tricky to use against Zombies, if only because the average zombie will only die from either removing the head, severing the spinal cord, or destroying the brain. Therefore, one msut wield a blade weapon with accuracy in order to truly kill a target. While they are useful in weakening and incapacitating zombies
Teaching Karate part 2How to Improve Your Speed and Reaction Time
Speed is clearly one of the most important attributes of a great karate master. Without speed, brief openings are missed. Most power comes not from strength, but from speed. Your speed determines your rate of fire. Hypothetically, if you can parry your enemy's attacks faster than he can execute them, you will never be injured. No matter how crushing your punches and kicks are, you will never be able to damage your opponent if you are incapable of bypassing his defenses.
Your speed will break down into two parts: intramuscular speed and reaction time. By training your muscles to develop more fast twitch fibers than slow twitch fibers, you will be able to launch lighting fast strikes that bypass your enemy's defenses and topple him down to the ground.
Having lightning fast muscle contraction is only half of what it takes to increase your speed. Even if your muscles are faster than a speeding bullet, your brain still has to control these muscles

These aren't fiction, save for the one in the middle, but they all talk about real-life fighting tips and weapons. I put this because I'm wondering that if I post my codex, I may be in violation of dA policy. I've tried showing this to the admins, but there's been no response so far. So I'd like to ask you, fellow deviants- and especially my watchers-------what do you think? Is it good? Should I continue? Or should I stop? Ultimately the decision is mine, but I'd like to hear feedback.

Much appreciated.
My friends, once more I come with news.

First off, I've recently watched a new video on YouTube that impressed me very much. Given the shit that I see and hear in the news everyday, from quagmires and wars in the Middle East to religious extremism, and from constant pollution of the Earth to the suffering of millions and so forth, this video left me feeling comforted and renewed my faith in humanity and its good qualities. And yes, it's completely from the Star Trek franchise. It's a very well made compilation of Star Trek quotes and other images (many of them real) regarding humanity's own bestiality but also its virtues. I leave the link here for y'all to watch and ponder its message. It's called Star Trek: 50 Years of Humanism. Treat it and the maker of this video with respect, please.

Second, to all my watchers, apologies for not having submitted anything in so long a time. Fret not, though. This Sunday you'll see an explosion of submissions from me. Mostly lineart, but a couple of colored artworks done by yours truly, plus a few photos and personal quotes and of course, a lovely creation commemorating Valentine's Day!

Third, I'm going to try a new system of submission. Frankly, I'm tried of constantly putting off submissions because of work, college, and overall procrastination and lack of energy. I remember that I used to submit new artworks every day or so during my first years of being dA member. Nowadays I only submit new stuff every two months or so, and I'm sick of it! So, to restore my artist's spirit and give y'all something new to enjoy, I'm going to submit deviations every Tuesday of each week. Big, medium, small, it doesn't matter. Every Tuesday I'll submit something new to dA. My most loyal watchers, I suggest therefore that you check in to my profile every Tuesday to see new stuff.

That's all, folks. Long live Porky the Pig! LOL. See ya.

EDIT: Remember when I posted that journal awhile back about my brother opening his own dA account just to troll fellow deviants and my watchers? Well, he's begun his attack. Just found out he commented on someone's artwork (have no idea who). He bragged to me about what he wrote, and I quote, "this is trash. burn it." So to my fellow watchers, please be extra watchful. You see any insulting comments on your profiles or my artworks, then know that it's my brother. Prep your chainswords, holy bolters, and crozius arcanums. It's gonna be bloody.

NEW EDIT: To all reading this journal right now, beware. My brother's online via his dA account terraTROLL right now, and yes, he's trolling deviants. Be on the lookout.

Well, one troll really..............

Last year, my little brother was able to "hack" my dA account (log into it) and did some trolling to a few of my watchers. I was pissed!!!

Well, my brother is now on a trolling binge. He seems to love it, especially when playing XBox Live. Now he's gone and activated his very own dA account with the sole intent of trolling fellow deviants. He especially considers you, my watchers, to be prize choices. So I send this warning to y'all so that you're prepared to receive his trolling. His new dA name is terraTROLL555555 (name stealer!) If you receive some trolling comments from this account, you'll know who it is. So prep your chainswords, your crozius arcanums, your holy bolters, and pray to the God-Emperor for luck. He is coming................Seriously.
  • Listening to: Children of the Sun (Thomas Bergensen)
  • Reading: Horus Heresy: Deathfire

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Thank you, brother of blood. Sadly the Emperor's work is never done, and to quote the Salamanders, the anvil has ever been testing. For I had to work on my birthday, and by the time I arrived for my party, the ageless sleep fell upon me. (I dozed through half of my party). But many thanks, brother of blood. Many thanks.
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Brother, I hope you really are not going mad. Work has bogged me down, and I've hit a minor snag with two worlds collide, that snag being I've lost the flash drive containing the story in my messy room, which I have to clean. Don't fear though, the newest chapter is more than half-done. I'll post it soon, once I rediscover my lost treasure. Patience. Patience. In fact I recommend a very fine 40k fanfic called The Lost Primarchs. Type "lost primarchs fanfic" on Google and it's the first one on the list. It should help you whilst I complete the 37th chapter and start Book Two of Two Worlds Collide!
Sgtsoupie Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
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still itching to see the full potential of your version of what the loyalist thousands sons and luna wolves can do!
terraluna5 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I have good news. The 37th chapter is nearly complete. I expect to have it posted within two days. Await then!
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